From the opening of the first Café until today, REDIPANE’s inspiring principles have lain in the desire to bring back to life a world of traditions and time-tested recipes, which preserve the “taste memory” of an extraordinary heritage of flavours.

Ancient flavours that belong to the millenary culture of bread making, which come to life again in a contemporary, informal and ever-evolving context that mirrors metropolitan lifestyles.

The rooms are spacious and luminous, characterised by simple and essential material touches: the STONE covering the counters is reminiscent of the refractory stone used in the old wood-fired ovens, while the natural elm WOOD of tables and panelling, evokes elemental environments in harmony with nature.

The beating heart is the oven, around which the bakery world expresses itself. Processing of products and baking are on view to underline the importance of the human element and know-how.

The aroma of baked products mingles with the multisensory space. Technology is strongly present without being overly ostentatious; it is ancillary to the human being who is never prevailed over.